Friday, 9 June 2017

it's been too long..

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

Wow.. I haven't posted anything this year. From the bottom of my heart, I apologize. I know it's been way too long (hence, the title) but I'll be honest, I haven't really thought much about my blog this past few months mainly because I had my major exam coming. But tonight.. I felt like I really needed to share something. 

A blogger, Shea Rasol passed away. Please recite Al-Fatihah for her and may she be placed with the best of ummah. Amin. She had been fighting cancer and yesterday, cancer won. I believe she's much happier now and she's not in pain anymore. I didn't know her personally but somehow, her death really touched me. 

It got me thinking of the things I took for granted. Not just health wise but time wise.. All those times I could've been chasing Jannah more, all those times I could've prayed more than just 5 times a day, all those times I could do more good than I already have, all those times I could've been a better Muslim. The whole time I was praying tonight I couldn't stop thinking about how I take all Allah's SWT blessing for granted. The thought of everything being taken away in a blink of an eye.. So tonight, I told myself, I will never put the after life on hold for this temporary world ever again. I will read the Quran more, I will make sure to always pray 5 times a day and more, I will always be good to other people, I will do as much charity as I can, I will pray for other people as often as I can, I will keep Allah SWT in my heart and mind at all times, I will be better than I was the day before. I hope that when you read this, Muslim or not, you will keep trying to be a better person in God's eyes everyday or just strive to be a better person for yourself. I pray that you will be given the time to chase the after life and be the resident of Jannah some day. Amin. 

another day, another chance.