Tuesday, 31 October 2017


Assamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

 A lot people think I should update more often but you see, the things I share on my blog are usually quite personal and it takes time for me to gather my thoughts and be able to finally type it out. I'm trying to be more consistent but I don't want my blog to just be something meaningless that you read to pass your time, I want you to gain something when you're done reading my posts. So I hope you understand when I take time to update this blog of mine.

Today's post is: PARENTS. How many of us utter the words "I love you" to our parents without hoping to ask for something after ? How many of us simply thank them from time to time to remind them of our gratitude ? How many of us pray for our parents well-being everyday in this world and the Hereafter ? It's very easy for us to forget the sacrifices our parents have made to raise us to be a good person or give us the best life they could offer. It's easy to take our parents for granted because we know they will love and take care of us regardless of whether we are appreciative of them. 

My mum has been a single parent most of motherhood. She and my dad got divorced when I was very young and at that time, she had 4 kids to raise on her own. She remarried later on and had 2 more kids, but got divorced about a year ago. See my whole life, my mum and I talk about everything. From gossip to family drama to finances to business. When I say everything I mean EVERYTHING. She's my bestfriend (yes, Alin so are you *rolls eyes*). Some days I think I'm guilty for taking my mum for granted too. I try my level best to always be more present and see my mum as much as I could even though we live in different houses now. I think I often forget that there is no way I could be the person I am today without her. From her always making sure I get the best education, sending me to music lessons (ok I only lasted a week or so), enrolling me in the best English centers, always looking for fish eggs for me when she goes to the morning market because she knows I love them and everything in between when I was growing up, I am the luckiest child alive because everything good in me and in my life is all thanks to my mum and for some years of my childhood my step dad too. 

I have to constantly remember to be grateful because my mum is my anchor. And I pray that I am hers when she needs me to be. Mummy, this blogpost is for you because you deserve all the recognition you can get. If there is one person I could send straight to heaven, it would be you, mum because you are the light of my life. I can't wait to have kids because I want to tell them all about why I will always try to be the best mum. Because I want to give them everything you've given me. Thank you for everything, mummy. I love you. 

"Paradise lies at the feet of your mother" Prophet Muhammad PBUH

Monday, 18 September 2017

for the ones who struggle

Assamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

For the past week or so, there has been a lot of things on my mind that I have been dying to share with you guys. But somehow while I'm writing this, I don't even know where to begin. So, I will start off with the most important thing I want to share and save the rest for a different post.

Recently, I came across a Youtube video of a Muslim woman admitting the truth to why she wears the hijab and also an article of another Muslim woman on why she took off the hijab.

So I thought to myself.. "What drives me to keep the hijab on ?"

To be completely honest, I actually love wearing the hijab. Granted there are days when my hair is really nice and I would love to just flaunt it or when I see a certain outfit that there is no way I can halal-fy (lol), I feel like "Oh man.. I wish I didn't have to wear the hijab.". I am just human BUT I know that deep down, I would never take it off. Somehow, ever since I put it on, it became a part of me. A part of me that I didn't even know existed until Allah SWT ignited the spark for me. And I feel like the reason why I keep the hijab on is because I don't feel like it's forced upon me. I don't feel like I have to put it on. I was never taught to put it on. In fact, my parents had always allowed me to make my own choices when it came to my body. Over the years of learning more about Islam, I have become more and more sincere in doing the things I do for Allah's sake. I have completely accepted, embraced and love the fact that it is Allah's word that I cover myself. And I am beyond grateful that Allah SWT opened my heart and allowed me to become a better version of myself. I am far from perfect but I hope that Allah SWT accepts my deeds because He is the only one who truly knows what's in my heart. To my Muslim sisters who struggle with- be it putting on the hijab or keeping the hijab on, pray. Pray to Allah SWT as much as you can. Cry and shout if you feel like it. The only being that can help you through your ups and downs in your journey of becoming a better person is Allah SWT. I will not be who I am or where I am today if it wasn't for the blessings and guidance of Allah SWT. The same way, you cannot strive without Allah's help. So turn to Him and He will guide you.

To be utterly genuine in all that you do for Allah's sake, He must first put that feeling in your heart. If you're struggling, I pray that Allah SWT eases your struggles and allow you to be at peace and as grateful as I am feeling right now. Amin.

Friday, 9 June 2017

it's been too long..

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

Wow.. I haven't posted anything this year. From the bottom of my heart, I apologize. I know it's been way too long (hence, the title) but I'll be honest, I haven't really thought much about my blog this past few months mainly because I had my major exam coming. But tonight.. I felt like I really needed to share something. 

A blogger, Shea Rasol passed away. Please recite Al-Fatihah for her and may she be placed with the best of ummah. Amin. She had been fighting cancer and yesterday, cancer won. I believe she's much happier now and she's not in pain anymore. I didn't know her personally but somehow, her death really touched me. 

It got me thinking of the things I took for granted. Not just health wise but time wise.. All those times I could've been chasing Jannah more, all those times I could've prayed more than just 5 times a day, all those times I could do more good than I already have, all those times I could've been a better Muslim. The whole time I was praying tonight I couldn't stop thinking about how I take all Allah's SWT blessing for granted. The thought of everything being taken away in a blink of an eye.. So tonight, I told myself, I will never put the after life on hold for this temporary world ever again. I will read the Quran more, I will make sure to always pray 5 times a day and more, I will always be good to other people, I will do as much charity as I can, I will pray for other people as often as I can, I will keep Allah SWT in my heart and mind at all times, I will be better than I was the day before. I hope that when you read this, Muslim or not, you will keep trying to be a better person in God's eyes everyday or just strive to be a better person for yourself. I pray that you will be given the time to chase the after life and be the resident of Jannah some day. Amin. 

another day, another chance.