Saturday, 13 June 2015

Ramadhan, we're waiting !

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh 

Sorry that I've been super MIA lately ! A lot of things are going on that it's super hard to have a quiet time with my laptop (if you don't count the days I stay in bed watching PLL teehee). I'm so excited that Ramadhan is just around the corner. I feel like Ramadhan is always a good time to cleanse yourself inside and out. I have been a bit off lately, may Allah forgive me but I do intend on catching up with beautifying my soul this Ramadhan, insyaaAllah ! I always get questions on how I boost my imaan during Ramadhan and keep it going for as long as I can, so here's a few tips; 

Before Ramadhan
1. Satisfy your cravings because during Ramadhan, it's not really cravings anymore, it's nafs !
2. If you haven't been praying 5 times a day, it's good to try praying 5 times a day now. It's so that when Ramadhan comes, it's already a habit not a chore !
3. Start reading the Quran. A head start is always the way to go ! 
4. For girls that have missed a few days, replace as soon as you can. Don't delay !
5. Talk less and zikr more so that when Ramadhan comes, more good comes out of your mouth than the bad.
6. Go to the masjid more. This will soon turn into a habit too !

During Ramadhan
1. Drink more. Your body needs all the hydration it can get !
2. Eat healthier food. Ramadhan is all about getting rid of the bad and taking the good in. Start with what you put in your mouth !
3. Read more Quran !
4. Instead of going out and wasting your time, take the fasting month to reflect on yourself. Read a good book, get a make over, upgrade your closet, treat yourself ! You deserve it. 
5. Think good thoughts ! No matter how tempted you are to think bad about someone or something, change that thought. Even if your initial thought was a nasty one, it's the second one that really counts. 
6. Go to the masjid for taraweeh. It's a different vibe during Ramadhan so, trust me. You wouldn't want to miss it !
7. Be extra i-want-something-although-it's-not-my-birthday-cherry-on-top nice to your parents. When they piss you off, be extra patient. Trust me, it'll be worth it ! 
8. Be extra i-want-something-although-it's-not-my-birthday-cherry-on-top nice to everyone ! A little kindness can go a long way :) 
9. Be extra i-want-something-although-it's-not-my-birthday-cherry-on-top nice to yourself. Give yourself a break. 
10. Be more grateful and contented. When you're satisfied and happy with what you have, you'll never complain again !
11. Duaa more. Even if you have nothing to ask for, just duaa :)

After Ramadhan
Repeat before Ramadhan, steps 1-6 and during Ramadhan, steps 1-11. And don't forget, extend that list !

Good Luck ! :)